First you should prepare a BibTex file. BibTex file has an extension of ".bib". You can check the format from the link. If you have a many-author article; since it is not possible to write all authors and it is not acceptle to use "et al" as per the FBE standards, you should write the collaboration name as the author. (For example, ATLAS Collaboration or BES Collaboration, etc.)

Then add two lines below into your main .tex file exactly the place where you want references to be (end of the file, just before "/end{document}").


Then first compile your main tex file then compile your bib file at the end compile your main tex twice to make sure all citations are handled correctly. Like:

pdflatex Thesis.pdf
bibtex Thesis
pdflatex Thesis.pdf
pdflatex Thesis.pdf
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