Here we started a list of colleagues who have actively taken part in our group's activities in the past few years and have then moved elsewhere. We still see them as part of our extended team and most of them still keep on supporting us in many ways (either by staying in active collaboration or simply by staying in touch to help when we need)...

WARNING: This list is still missing quite a few people, it was quickly put together from memory; after one of our annual end-of-year dinners.

1st Gen:
  • Gökhan Ünel - Assoc. Prof, University of California at Irvine
  • Tülay Çuhadar Dönszelmann - Dr., Research staff at University of Sheffield
  • Ziya Perdahçı - Assistant Prof. at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Informatics
  • Kıvanç Nurdan - Senior Researcher at TUBITAK
  • Serkant Ali Çetin - Prof. at Istinye University
2nd Gen:
  • Sinan Kefeli (undergrad) - currently a PhD student at Caltech BICEP2/3 group
  • Ece Akilli (undergrad 2013) - currently a PhD student at University of Geneva
  • Gözde Üstün (high school intern 2013) - currently a BSc student at Yildiz Technical University, Dept. of Physics
  • Ismet Siral (MSc 2014) - completed his PhD at University of Michigan ATLAS group, did a postdoc at University of Oregon, currently a CERN fellow
  • Kaya Tatar (undergrad 2014) - completed his PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, currently a CERN fellow
  • Selim Can Hotinli (undergrad 2014) - currently a PhD student at Imperial College London
  • Engin Eren (undergrad + MSc 2015) - completed his PhD at University of Hamburg, currently a postdoc at DESY
  • Merve Şahinsoy (MSc 2015) - completed her PhD at University of Heidelberg ATLAS group, currently a postdoc at Max Planck Munich
  • Alperen Yuncu (undergrad + MSc 2015) - currently a PhD student at University of Heidelberg ALICE group
  • Ahmet Coşkuner (undergrad 2016) - completed his PhD student at UC Berkeley
  • Aytül Adıgüzel (postdoc 2016) - currently associate prof. at Istanbul University, Dept. of Physics
  • Zehra Istemihan (MSc 2017) - currently a PhD student at Koc University
  • Merve Yıldız (undergrad 2017) - currently a PhD student at Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
  • Serhat Istin (PhD + postdoc 2017) - worked as a junior faculty at Near East University, did a postdoc at Technion, currently assist. prof. at Yeditepe University
  • Ezgi Ergenlik (undergrad + MSc 2018) - completed her PhD at Universite Paris Sud, currently moving for a postdoc in Germany
  • Ezgi Sunar (undergrad + MSc 2018) - currently a PhD student at Goethe University Frankfurt
  • Salim Oğur (MSc 2015 + PhD 2019) - completed his PhD as CERN student, currently research fellow at CERN
  • Saime Gürbüz (MSc 2012 + PhD 2020) - currently a postdoc at Bonn University
  • ... - more to come -

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