• ... can be seen in the figure. ... can be seen in Figure 2.1. (No 'the' when a particular figure is referred to.)
  • Trigonometric functions are defined in Latex, please use them. $sin x$ is wrrong, $\sin x$ is correct.
  • To write unit vectors in formulas use: $\hat{\imath}$ and $\hat{\jmath}$.
  • For the multiplication sign, please use $\times$, do not write the letter x.
  • Degree symbol is not superscript zero. Try $\degree$ from gensymb package. (Or at least $^{\circ}$.)
  • Minus sign ($-$, −) is not a hyphen (-).
  • Please be careful about proper SI conventions:
    • Capitalization: K is Kelvin, k is the prefix kilo-.
    • C, but only K (no degree in Kelvin).
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