Here we give a non-exhaustive list of some of the work produced by the Engin Arık group, in which our team traces its origins. We mainly focus on experimental theses and papers, but occasional theory or phenomenology work are also covered if they played important roles in the development of later research.


Theses supervised by Engin Arık

  • 1993, MSc, Asli Erdogan, Experimental searches for Higgs Boson and reconstruction of semileptonic decays of heavy Higgs. BounLib link
  • 1993, MSc, Tulay Cuhadar, Study of alignment, efficiencies, and vertex resolution of a large magnetic spectrometer to measure spin structure functions in deep inelastic muon scattering. BounLib link
  • 1996, MSc, Ziya Perdahci, Muon track reconstruction from cathode strip readout of streamer tube planes in CHORUS muon spectrometer. BounLib link
  • 1997, MSc, Ayhan Koroglu, Scintillating fiber detectors. BounLib link
  • 1998, MSc, Serkant Ali Cetin, Physics and trigger studies with ATLAS detector. BounLib link
  • 1998, MSc, Muge Karagoz, Design and construction of a positron emission tomography (PET) unit and medical applications with GEANT detector simulation package. BounLib link
  • 2002, PhD, Serkant Ali Cetin, ATLAS transition radiation tracker and Higgs physics related to extra standard model families. BounLib link
  • 2006, MSc, Ozgen Berkol Dogan, co-supervised by S. A. Cetin, Searching for solar axions in CAST-CERN solar telescope. BounLib link

Theses supervised by Metin Arık
  • 2008, MSc, Serhat Istin, Performance of transition radiation tracker at CERN-ATLAS experiment. BounLib link
  • 2008, Cemile Ezer, Theoretical foundations of axion particles. BounLib link
  • 2009, MSc, Neslihan Becerici Schmidt, co-supervised by S. A. Cetin, Improvement of calorimeter-based muon identification and its application to H → ZZ(*) → 4ℓ analysis in the ATLAS experiment. BounLib link
  • 2009, MSc, Umut Deniz Özuğurel, Solar axion production and detection mechanisms. BounLib link
  • 2011, MSc, Veli Yıldız, Radio frequency energy recovery for particle accelerators. BounLib link
  • 2013, PhD, Süleyman Cenk Yıldız, Search for axions with micromegas detectors in the CERN CAST experiment. BounLib link
  • 2015, PhD, Veli Yıldız, co-supervised by veö, CERN LINAC4 beam dynamics studies and commissioning up to 12 MeV. BounLib link

Some other work and publications

The Bogazici team was highly involved in the protoype data acquisition system for the ATLAS detector. For example, here is a 1999 conference proceeding that describes the design, implementation and performance of the dataflow component of the DAQ −1 system; with contributions from Engin Arik, Serkant Cetin, Tuba Conka, Arif Mailov, Kivanc Nurdan and Gokhan Unel. Here is another representative paper: the first describing the use Linux as a possible alternative to the real-time LynxOS for ATLAS DAQ.
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