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Welcome to the Bogazici HEP ATLAS group's wiki pages. pages of KAHVELab & Bogazici HEP ATLAS.

For the beginners:

Related to our local detector and accelerator lab:

  • Important tips about LabSafety.
  • Useful technical manuals, datasheets and our own howtos: TechManuals page.
  • For the work related to the delay wire chamber, visit DWC.
  • Some of the projects/toys we do at the lab and the people: LabPhotos.

ATLAS and CERN related:

  • For general tips in HEP computing, see our HowTo page.
  • For ATLAS related topics, visit AtlasHints and also DbxaTr, our analysis framework.
  • Tips for CERNTravelAndLife (also includes tips for other destinations abroad).


  • Our PublicResults - theses, posters, presentations, etc. And our GroupAlumni.
  • For our projects, we also keep electronic logbooks, connect to the current server over port 8080 with https.
  • To see the presentations in Heplab Mettings see HepLabMeetings
  • We strongly value AcademicAndPersonalEthics and try to create an environment that encourages fairness and honesty.

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