Difference: LabSafety (r5 vs. r4)

BurnPlugBurn.jpgHere are some important safety rules/recommendations for working at our lab:

  1. When working with high voltages, make sure you know which main switch cuts the power from the set of plugs you are connecting to. Also be aware which other devices are connected to those set of plugs.
  2. NEVER use an oscilloscope ungrounded (particularly when trying to measure high voltages). [Below you can see what happens if you do not heed this warning!]
  3. Whenever you are using high-current or high-voltage equipment, or the equipment (such as the cutting mill) in the mechanics shop, make sure you are NOT ALONE.
  4. When plugging in old equipment, make sure you know whether it is 110V or 220V.


BurnPlugBurn.jpgjpgBurnPlugBurn.jpgmanage 117.3 K 10 Aug 2015 - 12:26ErkcanOzcan An oscillator with no ground connection is connected to a HV source first. Afterwards it is disconnected and it is plugged to a grounded wall plug. Guess what happens to the charge stored on the internal capacitance of the oscillator?

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