Difference: CaenN472Polarity (r2 vs. r1)

-- SaimeG - 01 Aug 2016

  • First turn off all the high voltages, turn the module off and unplug the cable. And wait enough time for capacitors to discharge.
  • Open left or right panel to find the channel whose polarity you would like to change. In this tutorial, we will change polarity of channel 2 from negative to positivie

  • After you find the panel with "DANGER High Voltage","Channel 2", you need to remove this green panel. There are two screws that should be unscrewed on the top and on the bottom of the pannel. Sometimes you need to remove the flat cables to open the panel, if so gently remove the flatcables. (Be careful that the panel is soldered to a cable so you can not take if off completely from the HV unit.)

  • After removing the panel (and the flat cables if needed), you will see lots of capacitors and electronics componenets and a pale green panel. Remove this pale green panel gently.

  • Turn this pale geern panel upside down and put it on the same place. Be careful about the pins. They looks like fragile. You can see before and after photos below:

  • Put the panel on again and screw it.
  • If you remove any flat cablecable put them on again.
  • Close the side of HV unit.
  • While openning the HV again be sure that all the units are disabled. And when you open it, first be sure that the polarity light on the front panel of the relevent channel is changed.

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